Daylong Seminars & Conferences

Interested in contributing to historical reflection, the Institute of History has created a variety of opportunities for dialogue and encounter to share research findings, introduce new perspectives on historiographical issues and enhance studies in a variety of disciplines. Currently, the Institute regularly organizes one conference and three daylong seminars.

Roman Studies Week

Launched in 1973, Roman Studies Week has continued without interruption until the present day. It is one of the most important international conferences organized by the Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaiso and has become a national benchmark in studies of Roman History and Culture in Chile and in Latin America. The presentations made during every conference are compiled and published in the book “Roman Studies Week”, reaching its 15th issue this year.



Daylong Seminar on Sociocultural History

Aimed at encouraging reflection on beliefs, practices and representations of topics related to health, hygiene, death, gender and body from a variety of perspectives, the Daylong Seminar on Sociocultural History proposes an academic space for reflection and for debate amongst researchers in said field.Currently, two Daylong Seminars on Sociocultural History have been organized. The “First Daylong Seminar on Sociocultural History: Health, Death and Hygiene” with three panels took place in 2010, consisting of a panel on Health and Social Control, one on Health and Death and one on Health, Hygiene and Representations. Each panel consisted of about five presentations. The second Seminar on “Representations of Health, Death, Hygiene, Gender and Body” took place in 2013, consisting of three panels, one on Body, Femininity and Masculinity, one on Death and Its Representations and one on Health, Diseases and Hygiene.
The Seminar is organized by professor Mauricio Molina with assistance from undergraduate and graduate students.


Daylong Seminar on Renaissance Studies

Aimed at creating a space for interdisciplinary academic discussion of the study of European thought of early modern age, the Seminar is methodologically oriented towards the intellectual history, the history of ideas and the history of art and aesthetics.

Daylong Seminar on Contemporary Chilean History

Aimed at opening a new space for reflection on classic topics in contemporary history and proposing new debates that generate new perspectives and methodologies of studying the recent history of Chile, the first edition of the Seminar compiled papers addressing historical topics from early 20th Century to present day Chile, as well as papers analyzing issues or reflecting on historical research of said period from a methodological standpoint



Seminario de Didáctica de la Historia y las Ciencias Sociales

El propósito del seminario es generar un espacio de discusión sobre las principales investigaciones realizadas en torno a la enseñanza y el aprendizaje de la Historia y las Ciencias Sociales. Además, es una instancia para estrechar vínculos con el sistema escolar y el Ministerio de Educación, al promover la reflexión en torno a procesos de enseñanza aprendizaje diseñados e implementados en la realidad escolar.


Daylong Seminar on the Teaching of History and Social Sciences

Aimed at creating a space for discussing main research projects carried out on the teaching and learning of History and Social Sciences, the Seminar is attended by Chilean and foreign professors dedicated to the teaching of said disciplines. In addition, the Seminar provides an opportunity to strengthen the Institute’s connection to the school system and to the Ministry of Education, to encourage reflection on the process of effective learning and teaching designed and implemented in the current school context.


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