Doctorate in History

The Doctorate program in History aims to train professionals capable of creating new historiographical knowledge, proficient in theoretical guidelines and subject matter as well as interdisciplinary knowledge, and able to carry out independent research, making substantiated contributions to the field of History. In light of the above, students are expected to develop intellectual capacities such as reflection and analytical skills, be proficient in up-to-date techniques and new historiographical methodologies, and be knowledgeable about statuses of issues in their areas of specialization according to their individual focus on Chilean, Latin American or world history



  • Academic Staff
    Dr. Raúl Buono-Core, Università degli Studi de Pisa, Italia.
    Dr. Juan Cáceres, Doctor en Historia, El Colegio de México A.C.
    Dr. Eduardo Cavieres, Doctor en Historia, (Ph.D), Universidad de Essex, Reino Unido.
    Dr. Baldomero Estrada, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, España.
    Dra. Virginia Iommi, Universidad de Florencia, Italia.
    Dr. Claudio Llanos, Universidad de Barcelona, España.
    Dr. José Marín, Universidad de Barcelona, España.
    Dra. Ximena Urbina, Universidad de Sevilla, España.
    Dr. Jaime Vito, Universidad de Alcalá de Henares, España.


  • Colaborating Academics:
    Dra. Aude Argouse, École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, EHESS París, Francia.
    Dr. Marcelo Garabedian, Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, Argentina.
    Dr. Francisco Marshall, Universidade di Sao Paulo, Brasil.
    Dr. José Morais, Universidad de León, España.
    Dr. Guillermo Pérez, Universidad Vallalolid, España.


Alumni Profile


  • Degree: Doctorate in History
  • Program Duration: 8 semesters
  • Accreditation: Doctorado acreditado por un periodo de 3 años,
    a contar desde el 08 de septiembre del 2021, hasta el 08 de septiembre del 2024.
    Por la CNA-Chile.

  • Classroom Mode: in person
  • Class Hours: Monday and Tuesday, 5:20-8:30 pm

Admission & Benefits

Students interested in pursuing the Doctorate Program in History should apply in the following manner:

Admissions Standards

The basic requirements of the study plan consist of prior studies in the Masters Program in History. The curriculum structure is based on the following lines of development: Social and Economic History, Political History and History of International Relations, and History of Art and Culture. Applicants are required submit their Masters thesis as well as their Doctorate Research Project Proposal as background information. Once accepted and after completing two semesters of courses and seminars, students are required to take an oral qualifying exam that measures their aptitude for creating original research and assesses the feasibility of their thesis project. Candidates whose Masters degree are obtained from institutions other than the Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaiso can apply under the same conditions as PUCV alumni, but should certify their degrees and attach a copy of their Masters Thesis, a list of thesis advisors and their Research Project Proposal.

  • Application Period: May – June
  • Program Start Date: August
  • Required Application Documents:
    • Birth Certificate (*).
    • Notarized Degree Certificate (*).
    • Notarized University Transcript (*).
    • Certificate of Academic Ranking
    • Currículum Vitae.
    • Application Essay addressed to the Director of Graduate Studies
    • Two recent ID-sized (3.5 cm x 2.5 cm) photos with full name.
    • Masters Thesis along with a copy of the list of thesis advisors or a support letter from the Program Director when such copy isn’t available.  Doctorate Research Project Proposal.

(*) International students are required to submit certificates authenticated by the Chilean Consulate in their home country and stamped by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Chile.


Student Benefits

Tuition Costs and Financing Options

Tuition Fees 2020:
– Registration fee per semester: $101.000 (CLP)
– Tuition fees per semester: $1.500.000 (CLP)
– Total Program: $12.808.000 (CLP)


Scholarships and Grants

In line with its mission and commitment to national progress, he Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaiso includes a wide-ranging and relevant program of support through the Office of Graduate Studies. Therefore, applicants are encouraged to obtain complementary or complete financing through private, public as well as international sources. For more information please contact the Office of Graduate Studies.

“The Doctorate Program in History allowed me to continue my academic training onto a high level without relocating to Santiago, Chile. The support I received in form of research funds and travels and publication assistance are instrumental in obtaining the degree and expanding my professional horizon. The program also gave me the necessary tools to develop a postdoctoral research project and obtain government funding from Fondecyt (Chile’s National Fund for Science and Technology) a year after finishing my Doctorate studies.”

Gonzalo Serrano, Académico Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez