Master in History

The Masters program in History trains professionals with a background in humanities (such as law, philosophy, literature), social sciences or other disciplines to develop applied research projects in History. The program offers three tracks: Social and Economic History, Political History and Cultural History, of which students are asked to choose at the end of the first semester.


  • Academic Staff: Dr. Juan Cáceres, Dr. Paulo Donoso, Dr. Ricardo Iglesias, Dra. Virginia Iommi, Dr. Claudio Llanos, Dr. José Marín, Dra. María Ximena Urbina, Dr. Jaime Vito.


  • Colaborating Academics:
    Dra. Aude Argose, Dr. Ulises Cárcamo, Dr. Baldomero Estrada, Dr. José Alberto Morais, Mg. Mauricio Molina, Dr. Salvador Rubio, Mg, Muriel Paulinyi.


Alumni Profile

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  • Degree: Master in History
  • Program Duration: 4 to 6 semesters.
  • Accreditation: Program accredited for 6 years by CNA – Chile from April 2019 to April 2025
  • Classroom Mode: In person.
    Class Hours: Monday and Tuesday, 5:20-8:30 pm.

Admission & Benefits

Students interested in pursuing the Masters Program in History should apply in the following manner.

Admission Standards

The program is open to candidates with an associate or academic degree in humanities (such as law, philosophy, literature), social sciences or other disciplines that allow them to develop applied research projects in History. Once accepted, students are paired with a complementary program in line with their background.

  • Application Period: October – November
  • Program Start Date: March
  • Required Application Documents:
    • Birth Certificate (*).
    • Notarized Degree Certificate (*).
    • Notarized University Transcript (*).
    • Certificate of Academic Ranking o Currículum Vitae.
    • Application Essay addressed to the Director of Graduate Studies o Two recent ID-sized (3.5 cm x 2.5 cm) photos with full name.
      (*) International students are required to submit certificates authenticated by the Chilean Consulate in their home country and stamped by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Chile.


Students Benefits

Tuition Costs and Financing Options

Registration fee per semester (2014): $81,000 CLP

Tuition per semester (2014): $700,000 CLP


Scholarships and Grants

In line with its mission and commitment to national progress, he Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaiso includes a wide-ranging and relevant program of support through the Office of Graduate Studies. Therefore, applicants are encouraged to obtain complementary or complete financing through private, public as well as international sources. For more information please contact the Office of Graduate Studies.

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