Bachelor in History with a minor in Political Science

The Bachelor Program in History with a minor in Political Science aims to develop skills that will
allow students to apply their knowledge set and scientific methods to interpret and understand
historical process through research.

Perfil de Egreso de Licenciatura en Historia con mención en Ciencia Política
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  • Degree: Bachelors in History with a minor in Political Science
  • Program duration: 8 semesters
  • Accreditation: Program accredited for 5 years by Agencia Qualitas from June 2013 to June
Acreditation Agreement 2013

Malla Curricular

Admission & Students Benefits

Applicants to the program of Pedagogy in History, Geography and Social Sciences are selected based on their performance in the national University Entrance Exam (Spanish acronym PSU). At the end of the first semester, students of Institute of History are given the choice of continuing with Pedagogy in History, Geography and Social Sciences while simultaneously majoring in History with a minor in Political Science, or choosing one of the two.

Applicants to the program are evaluated based on their weighted scored calculated in the following manner:

  • NEM (Chilean equivalent for high school GPA) 10%
  • Class ranking 15%
  • Communication and Language test 40%
  • Mathematics test 25%
  • History and Social Sciences, or History and Science test 10%

Should the applicant choose Elective Tests, all subjects will be considered equally. Should the applicant take both Mandatory and Elective Tests, the calculation of weighted score will account for the Elective Test with the highest grade.

In the admission process for 2017, the accepted range of weighted scores is as follows:

  • Accepted applicant with highest score 699,7
  • Accepted applicant with lowest score 588,7

In line with its mission and commitment to national progress, the Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaiso provides comprehensive and skillful response to student interests and needs through potential-focused proposals that incorporate a wide-ranging and relevant program complete with support and services provided by the Student Affairs Office. For more information please contact Student Affairs Office

Registration Fee (2018): $189,000 CLP
Yearly Tuition (2018): $2,532,000 CL

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